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Video marketing statistics: The state of video marketing in 2021

If there was one winner in 2020, it was probably video. With everyone online all the time, video became more crucial than ever for marketing and communication. Our friends at Biteable, the world’s leading video maker, saw the number of videos made shoot up.

To gauge how important video has become for marketers, Biteable surveyed 694 marketers and small business owners using SurveyMonkey Audience. Here’s what they said.




Pre-Production eliminates many complications, and is overall important to the video production process.

Here is a quick look at some of the steps involved:

  • Determine video project goals

  • Create Outline & Write Script

  • Establish Shooting Schedule

  • Location Scouting

  • Talent Scouting

  • Set Design

  • Professional Narration


No two projects are exactly alike. We start by selecting the right equipment and format. This is best determined by evaluating the intended use, budget, and the estimated length of the video program.  Our productions are complemented by our extensive selection of equipment.


From simple transitions to the most elaborate effects, our post-production nonlinear editing systems provide ultra-fast capabilities at the hands of our experienced personnel. A broad array of text and graphics, motion graphics, 2-D animation and color grading are also used to enhance our post-production projects. These dynamic elements add credibility and viewer interest for the people you want to reach the most.

Krow media production process